Sapo / Kambo

I administer the medicine Sapo style, using fewer but larger burns. I was introduced to this medicine while on a trip with Peter Gorman in the amazon jungle with the Matsés. I have been using this medicine for the past 8 years, and was taught who to serve and who to not serve, as well as how to safely hold space and administer the medicine to myself and others.

Individual Sapo Sessions – $150

Group of 4 or more – $100 per person

For more information on setting up a session please email me at,

What is Sapo/Kambo?

Sapo/Kambo is a powerful cleansing medicine used by the Matsés and other Indigenous groups located in and around the Northwest Amazon. Derived from the phyllomedusa bicolor frog, The Matsés primarily used this as hunting medicine, improving their overall health, keeping them strong, sharp, and alert as well as providing a myriad of other benefits that allows them to survive the harsh conditions of the Amazon Jungle.

The majority of us may not need to go hunting anymore however in our everyday life even the most healthy of lifestyles are picking up “junk” from their food, water, air, detergents, etc. and over time this builds up and gets stored in the body. One of the amazing effects this medicine has is its ability to flush toxins from the body.

The medicine is commonly done by the Matsés by making light burns with a tamishi vine on the upper arm or sometimes across the chest. Soon after the burns are made, secretions of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog are applied to the burns. Within the first 30 seconds you will feel flush, heart rate increasing while the blood pressure drops due to the vasodilation. Not too long into the experience you will potentially start to feel cramping, nausea, heat, sweating, vibrations, and auditory sensitivity as the toxins are moving through your system to be eliminated. Some people will experience a purge as these toxins are leaving the body, either throwing up or having to use the restroom. Around 12-15 minutes the bulk of the experience is over and people begin to feel the positive effects of the medicine immediately or sometimes within the next couple days as the remaining toxins are flushed from the system.

Thanks to the hard work of Peter Gorman for bringing the medicine out of the jungle and Victor Erspamer, for studying the medicine. We now know that the medicine is full of bio active peptides that interact with the body like it was naturally produced, making this a very safe, reliable, and effective medicine for the majority of people.

You can Email me or visit Sapo in My Soul to learn more about this amazing medicine and its traditional uses.


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