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Living Your Design Sessions With Devon Wright

* Living Your Design Session – 2 part session, In person, Skype, or Telephone(USA) 90 Minutes per session . – $200 

* Continued SupportIn Person, Skype, or Telephone – $100

* Live group Sessions / workshops – Send an email to to request a quote

You will have the option to download an audio recording (MP3) of the session

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 Youth Discounts

*21 – 30 years old*

 -Living Your Design Session – $70.

*20 years old and younger*

-Living Your Design Session – $50

*First Living Your Design Session is free for people 20 years old and younger*

My Design

My Human Design Chart

I am a Projector with only two centers defined. My single definition is the 25-51, the channel of initiation. When keynoted simply, I have the warrior spirit of the Ego center connected to the love and direction of the G center. Providing me the willpower to commit to myself.

Born in the quarter of duality, I have a 6/3 Profile with Ego Projected authority on the Left Angle Cross of Healing (2).

When invited I can help guide the energy of the other, potentially empowering and initiating the other into their unique direction.

The Experiment

Human Design is not about “adding too” anything… but is instead a process of self discovery.


Once you have your chart you can begin to practice NOT initiating with the mind, dropping into your Aura/Body, and experimenting with your Strategy and Authority. Leading you to discover YOUR OWN WAY.

You can Discover your unique Design and get your free chart HERE

The 4 Aura Types


What is an Aura? : The term Aura is referring to an energetic bubble the surrounds and envelops the body about 2 arm lengths in every direction. The aura are constantly giving us information as it interacts with the world around it. Learning the different qualities of your aura and how to navigate it is essential for learning your design / how to fly your spaceship!

Manifestor: A Closed and repelling Aura designed to have an energetic impact. The Manifestor sits at the top of the energetic hierarchy and is here to initiate energetic movement. Unable to see or feel the full picture of their energetic impact, the Manifestor is designed to trust their body to initiate their physical or energetic movement for them. Because the closed and repelling nature of their energy often makes others uncomfortable, the Manifestor tends to “get in trouble” for their natural movement, especially when younger. When they are able to, the Manifestor aura can inform the other whats about to happen allowing their energy to initiate the correct movement with less resistance. When the Manifestor informs others and trusts their bodies movement, they will often feel a frequency of peace. However if the Manifestor does not Inform others and makes mental decisions a frequency of Anger will often emerge in the Aura.

Generator:  An Open and enveloping Aura that generates Life force energy. Here to discover themselves and what they love doing by tuning into and trusting their physical response. Listening for sounds (uh HUH! or Uh Uhn) and feeling the expansion or contraction in the body/Aura will lead them to discovering if they are available or not for whatever enters the Aura. When honoring their response, the generator aura will feel satisfied at the end of the day. If they are making mental decisions and ignoring their sacral response the generator aura will put off a frustrated frequency.

Projector: A Penetrating and focused aura ideal for one on one interactions. Can potentially see the other deeply and guide the energy when invited. The Projector discovers themselves through invitations and interactions with the other. The penetrating focus coming from their Aura can feel very alien and invasive when they are not invited and share what they see. Here to be truly recognized for who they are and what they see, the projector Aura works best when invited. When recognized and invited, the projector will feel Successful, however when the projector doesn’t wait for the invitation or is not properly recognized, they will often express and feel a bitter frequency in the aura.

Reflector: The Reflector Aura has been around the longest and is here to Sample and Reflect the energy around them. Their Aura is designed to move through dense energy fields without getting lost and has a Teflon like quality that keeps the others energy from going in too deeply. Having a deep connection to the planet, Moon, and the stars the reflector aura acts as a energetic barometer for the location and people they happen to be around. Sitting at the bottom of the energetic hierarchy, the reflector waits to be initiated by life and the people around them before making big decisions or movements.When they are tuned into their environment and giving themselves time to make major decisions, the Reflector will find themselves in the right place experiencing a frequency of Awe or surprise… However when the mind takes control and makes the decisions, the reflector will often feel disappointed with life.



Every Aura type has a Strategy that they can follow to consistently recognize make the correct decision in life. The Manifesor strategy is to wait to inform the other, The Generator strategy is to wait to respond, The Projector strategy is to wait for the invitation, and the Reflector strategy is to wait to be initiated.



Human Design also revels that we all have a unique decision making process that we can begin to experiment with in tandem with our Auras strategy. Tuning into and discovering how your inner authority works takes time and awareness, and will look different for all of us. However once you begin to recognize your how your authority shows up, it is a reliable tool that will allow you to navigate any situation life presents you.



There are many paths to the Self and Human Design is definitely NOT for everyone. There is nothing and no one to believe, only an invitation for you to discover your own truth…

Real change lies in the Individual and their ability to not only recognize their own unique truth, but really start to LIVE IT… and in time begin to love themselves for who they are and the roll YOU get to play.

If you would like me to go over your design and how to begin Living this experiment you can email me at,

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