Living Your Design Workshop

I will be hosting a LYD workshop this October 8th – November 1st for anyone who is curious to explore this system in a little more depth as well as continue to experiment with their own design and what works for YOU. This course will take place online, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays 10am Central Daylight Time.

We will be covering the Foundation of a Human Design Chart, how to share it with others, as well as how to integrate this information into your own experiment. This includes exploring the strategies and qualities of the 4 different Aura Types. We will also take a look at the different Inner authorities, the 9 different centers in the body graph, as well as the 12 profiles. This basic information can potentially unlock a much deeper understanding of who we are and the challenges we face in the external conditioning field as well as internally by our own minds.

Human Design is a system that can potentially awaken passenger consciousness, empowering the individual to stand in their unique power, slowly unraveling everything we are not until all that’s left is who we really are. This information can serve as a tool to begin to see and potentially shatter the illusion(s) we all live in to varying different degrees.

This workshop is not a part of any “official” education and there is no certificate to be had. However for those who want to review or deepen their understanding, not only of the body graph, but how to apply this information in your everyday life, I sincerely invite you to join me online.

Cost of the workshop is $300. There will be 8 different online classes, an hour and a half long each.

For more information on signing up for this workshop you can email me at,

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