Dark Holidays

Happy Dark Holidays….

Dark Holidays is a term possibly used by many, however It was introduced to me through John Martin a few years back. It has helped sprinkle in just the right amount of dark humor to survive the season!

For some, the holiday season is full of joy, love, and all of those feel good holiday emotions…However for the rest of us, despite the cultural conditioning that this is the “happiest time of year”… we plunge into darkness with the seasons changing, doing our best to keep our heads above water. Conditioned to show love and gratitude through buying gifts, most of us end up stressing about what we can or cannot afford while trying to keep the facade that this is a joyful time of year despite the pressure and anxiety that is brewing underneath. And if the cultural pressures were not enough, this is also a time where many of us have to deal with our original family conditioning that has potentially caused a lot of pain and discomfort. Even those who have been experimenting with their strategy and authority for years still struggle when thrown into our original familial roles and conditioning.

Human Design allows the sheep to become wolves…. No longer swallowing the cultural conditioning without a second thought, experimenting with your design as well as following your Strategy and Authority empowers the individual to break free of the conditioning and stand as their own authority in life. Once the veil has been lifted its near impossible to not see the cultural illusions and lies being forced fed to the masses… No longer ignorant of being pressured into situations or decisions based off of the conditioning around you, you can begin to navigate the Holidays as well as your everyday life as a unique example of yourself… No longer a sheep, but a wolf unafraid to go their own way.

For me, just having the awareness that all of this is going on can bring a lot of relief at times…its not about changing anything but learning to navigate what is.

At the end of the day remember that this is all an experiment. As long as you’re trying to pay attention to what’s happening the awareness will grow, slowing breaking down the old patterns and conditioning, leading you to your unique role in this life.


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