Back from the Jungle and ready to jump into Human Design

The past two months I have been unavailable for sessions because I have been in Peru, heading in and out of the jungle and doing medicine work. Nothing about the jungle is easy, and I like it that way. If you want something you have to be willing to pay for it in some way or another…you want some visionary medicine…? Get ready to suffer drinking the bitter mix. Sapo / Kambo?…. Powerful hunting medicine that makes you sick for 12-15 minutes. Nu Nu, improves your vision but burns for the first minute. Want to see plants or animals in their natural habitat? Get ready to go hiking through some raw jungle that is constantly trying to trip, puncture, or sting you with all of its plants, vines, and insects. Even just eating or collecting the local fruit is not easy and is a lot of work!  If you want what the jungle has to offer being Bravo, aggressively brave is a must… you have to just step up to the plate if you want to discover something, no matter how uncomfortable. However in my experience the mosquitoes, snakes, predators, pirates, and everything else is worth putting up with so you can discover some of the amazing gifts the jungle has to offer.

I enjoy being alone and in my own space, but being in a foreign country really forces me to be in social situations with different kinds of people I normally wouldn’t meet in my everyday life. Allowing me as a projector to learn more about people and the way energy flows in groups, as well as one on one interactions. Having the opportunity to get to know different people and meet new friends is an amazing gift, we are all so unique with what we love and how we show up, Its inspiring to see.

Now that I’m back, I’m ready to jump back into helping others and working with Human Design. I love having the opportunity to share this knowledge and am itching to get back in the flow doing sessions for people.

I find that the work with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines is really helpful for me when it comes to understanding my design as well as my interactions with the people around me. These two worlds have always lined up for me and i love getting to share experiences from both.

Human Design gives you a road map to be able to navigate your life so you can consistently stand empowered as your own authority, able to meet whatever life throws at you. It is an experiment where you can discover and verify YOUR own unique truth. If your interested in having a session or talking about what Human Design is and the basics of your chart you can email me at,

You can also find out more about what I offer by visiting,


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