Stepping into the Experiment

Human Design, Stepping Into The Experiment

I made a video the other day sharing my experience with experimenting with my design, as a projector learning to wait for the invitation and trust my inner Authority has been and still is a difficult process at times. Re-learning how to meet life from the body, and not the mind takes time and energy. Being told your design and that you have a strategy and authority is one thing, actually taking the time to experiment and verify your own Truth is another….

The first step is easy to explain but hard to put in practice…STOP INITIATING FROM YOUR MIND…Breathe, drop into your Aura and feel whats happening in the body. Don’t fall into the “right and Wrong” of how to do it…Your strategy and authority are powerful tools you can rely on, and at the end of the day, if you are aware of what your doing and how it feels in the body the rest will start to fall into place.

Human Design is not about “getting or fixing anything”…. It helps us stand as our own authority and relax into who we really are, so we can meet life authentically as ourselves. By experimenting with our Strategy and Authority we can not only verify the information in our own bodies but begin to navigate our lives with more confidence, slowly but surely learning to love and accept ourselves as we rediscover who we always have been.

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