Getting Ready for Friends to Visit

After having a Long 10 days of assisting my friend Peter teach a Sapo/Kambo course to two awesome individuals who will more likely than not represent and administer the medicine with grace, intelligence, and awareness…its left us a little tired to say the least!

Sapo, Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog

For me just giving someone my full focus as they go through a challenging experience like Sapo takes a lot of energy, and for my friend Peter, the one teaching and offering the medicine, I can only imagine the energy he has to give. However when your doing what you love (Peter is a Generator), or your invited to something you light up to (I am a Projector), AND most importantly… when you give freely from the heart, you end up feeling satisfied and successful from the work, not bitter or frustrated.

Its been a couple days since they finished their course and have shifted our focus to preparing a space for 12 + people (all friends who have been to the jungle with Peter on various different trips) to visit a small house to get together for a weekend of good laughs, foods, and medicines. Its always free to come down and have amazing food and medicine without a second thought, they are good friends. It also provides a space for us to reconnect and help each other integrate back into our lives after having done such life changing work with such powerful medicines in the Jungle.

We only have a few days to get a lot done, but with the right spirit and company things start to really melt off the “to do list”! Besides deep cleaning the house top to bottom we have been preparing the yard outside by mowing grass in back and front, buying baby chickens and ducks for the chicken coop that was built last time we were all together! Taking half a dozen garbage runs to the dump, preparing a veggie garden, and more. We are doing our best to make this acre and a half shine a little brighter than it already does.

There is a dozen other projects like making sure there is enough food and water in the house so not only is there enough food for everyone to eat good healthy meals, but also (healthy) snacks to eat throughout the day.

From this perspective, it is a truly monumental task feeding 12 people ( some vegetarians and vegans) multiple healthy, creative meals that taste amazing for 4+ days. Peter did %98 of the shopping for the food and planned out differed dishes and contingency plans for all the meals. We are also stalking up on all of the essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, blankets, air mattresses, folding chairs and much more. There is truly a lot to do when taking care and inviting a group this size to visit… however there is no complaining, this is all being graciously given by Peter’s heart without a second thought about time, money, or energy.

Me and Peter a few years ago on his front porch. March 2016

Its an amazing opportunity and gift for me to experience his generosity of spirit and learn how to really take care of a group like this from an open heart, making sure its done above and beyond whats normally expected.

When your honoring and sharing your life force cleanly without an agenda, everyone shines a little brighter.




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