Giving Space to Feel Whats Happening

Feeling whats happening inside of us can be a very uncomfortable process at times. There are a lot of  healing techniques and spiritual practices that point towards coming back to our breath and giving space to whats happening…However like many things in life, that is much easier said then done and most people who claim to be in a place where there is no more challenge or that life is bliss, are more likely than not, selling something they don’t have. Life will always have a new mountain to climb and present us with challenges and lessons along the way, regardless of who we are or what we have been through.

The physical pressure, emotions, and thoughts of our day to day life can be a real challenge to relax into…some days are easier than others however for most of us, avoiding and stuffing down how we really feel is a habit that is not only hard to shake, but difficult to see as well.

tumblr_ohek1uBKsh1tf4fsio1_1280Its a tricky business giving ourselves space to experience life… The normal reaction for most of us is to either ignore whats happening, or try to push it away. Even in the more “spiritual” circles we find people trying to heal themselves by pushing through and confronting something, afraid to feel whats actually happening.

In my experience, there is a lot of awareness that is possible just by being able to breathe into whatever is happening, giving space to what we are experiencing in the moment without the fear of “this” or “that” driving a mental agenda.

In the Human Design system, there are areas of our design where we have open centers. They act like open windows were we take in, amplify, and reflect energy from the planets, stars, people, etc. Everything has energy / life force…even down to the inanimate. Its not about avoiding the energy, but learning how to sit comfortably in the uncomfortable.

Open CentersOur openness is also where we can feel broken, getting lost in pressure, thoughts, emotions, fears and energy around us… These open centers can feel overwhelming at times, creating a lot of internal suffering.

Our open Centers are where we “go to school” in life and we experience a variety of different lessons / challenges…when we hang onto or try to push the energy, thoughts, or patterns away we can begin to feel “stuck”. However when we breathe into whats happening and just watch the “movie” these open windows can build awareness and help us develop some potential wisdom…AND when invited, we can share our experiences (wisdom) with others, potentially providing some perspective that can be really helpful for the right people.

There is no stopping Life, and there will always be another mountain to climb as we move forward. Human design gives you a strategy and authority to help navigate life’s challenges as yourself…However whether you experiment with Human Design or not, learning to relax into the body during these more chaotic moments will help build the wisdom and awareness to navigate whatever comes your way.

Remember to drop into the body and breathe, we are all capable of meeting whatever life throws at us.


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