Unraveling Into Who We Are

For the past 4-5 years or so I have been studying and physically experimenting with the Human Design System by following my Strategy and Authority. It was like my body stumbled upon some kind of cosmic water and it just couldn’t drink enough! If i wasn’t listening to audio lectures I was testing out what its like to be a Projector, waiting for the right invitation allowing the movement to come from the body (Aura), not the mind.

I have found that Human Design truly is a “destructive force”, helping strip away the old conditioned patterns drop by drop.

However, Human design is not the root cause and this happens naturally for all of us throughout life…we get comfortable with a pattern (even if its painful or destructive) and have a hard time when things begin to change or fall away.

From my perspective in my own process and working with others, Human Design can potentially give you the tools/awareness you need to navigate your life more confidently and stand as your own authority, no matter what comes your way.

There are so many different paths to the self…Plant medicine, yoga, meditation, singing, or just going on a walk are all great tools to potentially help you discover you. We are all Unique in what works best for us, the real challenge is to find what works for YOU, and being open to the unknown! It doesn’t have to look like anyone else… We are all truly unique and are allowed to find our own way.

We all get to where we are supposed to end up eventually, life will get us there despite our resistance to whats happening. However some people have found “tools” that can help them relax and build awareness, so when transitions and changes in life do happen, we can try to surrender to whats happening and trust that we WILL be able to navigate whatever is in front of you.

R033 - 8gregardless of what tools you do or don’t have in your pocket, life loves to shake things up as soon as we get comfortable and there no avoiding the fear and pain that comes up for most of us…Its not that anyone is “messing up” because we experience these emotions or have certain thoughts…its just being Human…and there is nothing wrong with that.  The illusion is that we need “fixing” or need to “add too” our lives to be happy.

Love Yourself when you can, you are perfectly YOU.

1 thought on “Unraveling Into Who We Are

  1. Nice read. Makes you think about yourself.


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